WorkLife Partnership Client Service Grievance Policy

Last updated March 2024


WorkLife Partnership is committed to providing high-quality services to our clients. We understand that sometimes issues may arise, and clients may feel dissatisfied or have concerns about the services provided. In order to address such situations promptly and effectively, we have established this Grievance Policy.


The purpose of this Grievance Policy is to ensure that clients are adequately informed about pending actions concerning their continued participation in our programs or activities and to provide them with opportunities to communicate any dissatisfaction or concerns they may have regarding the services or facilities offered by WorkLife Partnership. This policy aims to facilitate open communication, address grievances in a timely manner, and ensure fair and appropriate resolutions.

Policy Statement:

Notification of Grievance Policy: Upon initial receipt of services, all clients will be provided with a copy of this Grievance Policy. Additionally, this policy will be made available on our website for easy access.

Grievance Procedure:

  1. Submission of Grievances: Clients who have a grievance or concern are encouraged to communicate it promptly to the Program Director, Brittany Robinson. Grievances can be submitted verbally or in writing.  
  2. Investigation: Upon receipt of a grievance, WorkLife Partnership will promptly investigate the matter thoroughly and impartially. This may involve gathering relevant information, interviewing involved parties, and assessing the situation. 
  3. Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, WorkLife Partnership will work to resolve the grievance in a fair and timely manner. Depending on the nature of the grievance, resolution may involve corrective actions, policy changes, or other appropriate measures. 
  4. Communication: Throughout the grievance process, WorkLife Partnership will maintain open communication with the client, keeping them informed of the progress and any proposed resolutions. 
  5. Appeals Process: If a client is not satisfied with the resolution provided, they may appeal the decision. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Program Director within two weeks. The appeal will be reviewed by the Director and Leadership Teams, and a final decision will be communicated to the client in writing.

Confidentiality and Non-Retaliation:

WorkLife Partnership is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all grievances and ensuring that clients are protected from retaliation for filing a grievance. Clients can express their concerns without fear of reprisal or adverse consequences.

Training and Awareness:

All staff members will receive training on this Grievance Policy and procedures to ensure they are equipped to handle grievances effectively and sensitively.

Review and Revision:

This Grievance Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Any necessary revisions will be made in consultation with stakeholders and approved by the Leadership Team of WorkLife Partnership.


WorkLife Partnership is dedicated to providing excellent services and ensuring that the concerns and grievances of our clients are addressed promptly and fairly. We encourage open communication and feedback to help us continually improve our programs and facilities.

Date of Adoption: March 1, 2024