Your WorkLife Resource Navigator is an free, confidential employee benefit. With WorkLife, there’s always someone there when you could use some support. Your Navigator is an expert in real life concerns like bills and budgeting, health and wellness, and personal relationships.


Whatever’s on your mind, with WorkLife you can move forward with someone on your side.

When you reach out to a WorkLife Navigator, you connect with someone who will meet you with empathy and take the time to understand all of your concerns and challenges.


Navigators are experts in real life concerns like affording housing and energy expenses, accessing reliable transportation, finding affordable childcare, budgeting and debt management, understanding and using your company benefits, affording food, and much more.

“It is really difficult to try and put into words how much WorkLife has meant to me… The Navigator helped me apply for my employer’s loan program, financial assistance for my utility bills, and gave me suggestions for finding food and childcare… They were always available for any questions. They genuinely care.”

Whatever’s on your mind, we’ll help you find an answer. These are just some of the many ways a Navigator can support you.


  • Setting financial priorities
  • Funds for utility bills
  • Coaching on how to speak to landlords or creditors
  • Connecting to tax assistance
  • Student loan guidance
  • Government benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, and WIC
  • Affordable housing options
  • Debt management
  • Help with household bills
  • Safe housing
  • Access to local food banks/programs
  • Emergency access to food
  • Locating affordable childcare
  • Getting access to internet or a computer
  • Low-cost options for therapy or counseling
  • Support for staying at home with kids
  • Accessing mental health support
  • Connecting with local support groups
  • Finding long-term care for family
  • Help understanding public transportation options
  • Connecting to local car repair shops
  • Coaching on how to negotiate cost of car repairs with a mechanic
  • Help with problem-solving
  • Connecting to immigration/refugee services or agencies
  • Finding free or sliding scale legal services

feel less stressed after meeting
with a Resource Navigator.

feel better prepared to handle
a similar situation in the future.

feel they are in a better place after
working with a Resource Navigator.

Request support from your Navigator

Your Navigator will reach out within 1 business day.